Feraba's repertoire includes more than 30 pieces:



Balafon Music. This dance is built upon the ritual of circumcision and excision. Based on the Tap Vocabulary (BS Chorus) of the Master Tap Dancer Eddie Brown with the addition of African arm movements. This piece explores ways for women to find, explore, and hold on to the power that we all have within.
Choreography: Irene Koloseus
Traditional Music Arranged by: Abou Sylla, played on the balafon



Well known Guinea rhythm, a challenge dance between men to determine who is the strongest/most powerful.
Choreography: Yalani Bangoura, Music: Traditional, played on African percussion instruments


N'na Diyaba means somebody who loves me (Mali) and is a playful dance for women exploring harmless teenage flirtations and jealousie.
Choreography: Irene Koloseus, Traditional Music Arranged by: Abou Sylla, balafon


Tap performed to the Triba drum beats. This piece is a "conversation" between the dancers and drummers in 6/8 & 4/4 pure traditional rhythms.  Transferring the traditional African Rhythms to the feet of the tap dancers, all arms, footwork and patterns are based on authentic West African dance forms performed in new ways.
Choreography: Irene Koloseus, Music Arranged by: Koloseus and Abou Sylla, two djembe drums


This piece is known for its distinctive arm and foot movements inspired by traditional Senegalese dance. Fusing tap dance, hip hop and Senegalese dance.
Number of Dancers: 2-4,number of Musicians: 2-3
Choreography:Irene Koloseus, Music Composition by Abou Sylla


Enbodies a modern village life, waking up in the morning, getting ready for the day. There are three main characters explored: the fool, the elder and the shy one. This is a body percussion piece featuring four distinct rhythms: 1) Ku Ku from West Africa, 2) Boots Dancing from South Africa, 3) Route Nigere from Guinea, and 4) Afro-Cuban. 
Choreography: Irene Koloseus, Max Pollak, and Abou Sylla


A high energy number based on the funk beat on drums which includes funk tap, hip hop, and acrobatics.
Choreography: Irene Koloseus
Music Composed by Irene Koloseus

"Ms Koloseus produces a fluency in style not to be imitated by many."
Jimmy Slyde, tap dancer