The Magic Woman

Ages: Pre-k to 4th grade, Familie Show


As the lights dim, a hush comes over the auditorium. The Magic Woman appears on the stage.  Walking around in silence, she picks "points of light" out of the air. She then signals with finger cymbals as the stage lights brighten and company members (who are sitting throughout the audience) begin speaking in their native tongues.  All performers converge on the stage, still speaking in their own languages.  The cymbals sound again, and everyone freezes. The Magic Woman addresses the audience members and enlists their help in bringing one person at a time to life by saying the magic phrase: "Feraba, Feraba, Feraba." The audience proceeds to use listening skills to guess where each person is from.  After each language is identified the audience is taken on a journey of Rhythm, the universal language that is understood by allexplores the Eurpean and African Roots of the truly American Art Form of Tap Dancing. .


The Magic Woman



Traditional West African Dance




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Macuru, Dance from Guinea

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Yalani Bangoura - Yankadee